Remote CCTV allows your site to be monitored off site at our in house station. We have a team of fully qualified monitoring staff who are trained to deal with any incidents which may occur on your site.






  • Piece Of Mind. No need to worry about the site when not attended.

  • HD Quality CCTV Images. Our systems is full HD 1080p quality. This eliminates grainy pictures allowing very small areas of the picture to be enlarged with out loss of picture quality, so making identification much easier.

  • Cost Effective. The average cost of having a security guard on site for 12 hours, 7 days a week and paying the current minimum wage would cost approx. £588 PER WEEK Our system cost from as little as £1 per day.

  • Comprehensive, accurate records Including CCTV images, details of actions and interventions.

  • Smartphone App. Enables monitoring of your premises from Anywhere at Anytime in the world.

How does it work?

Remote CCTV monitoring is simple. Using your existing Internet connection, we route the CCTV images from cameras on your site over the cloud to our NSI Gold accredited monitoring station. The connection can be live at all times or in most cases automatically switched on at the end of the working day.


Our software then monitors activity. As soon as an alarm is activated on your site, our system send live images of the event, directly to the monitor of one of our trained operators. From there on in we, monitor activity manually. We can pan and zoom cameras, switch cameras for a better view, and replay recent recorded footage. It may be a false alarm…but if the incident is more serious, we react immediately. We take every alarm activation as if it genuine until we prove over wise. Depending on the event that has occurred, we will choose the best method of dealing with the activation.


The most common method of action is for us to make a verbal audible challenge, warning the offender that the site is monitored and that they have trig-gered an alarm and that we wish them to leave the premises immediately. If this is ignored than we can then step it up a gear and even summons the emer-gency services for assistance. Because we're describing live real-time events as they take place on the ground, the emergency services treat this visual verification with a Level 1 response.


Remote CCTV monitoring provides the kind of data that helps you improve the physical security at your premises. The more you know about your site and its weak spots, the better prepared you'll be.